Domke's Hit A Home Run
Great New Generation Domke Journalist Series - Ledger Camera Bag
Review by Terry Eggers

Terry's Bag.jpg

Checking out the new ledger bag (Journalist Series)  Ledger Journalist was a pleasure. This bag is well suited to my international travels. Having made an equipment change over the last year and half to a mirroeless system my bag needs have also changed. The new Domke ledger is compact yet is perfect for my total mirrorless camera system. For travel I carry a full bag of equipment.

I carry the following in this bag:

  • My Laptop/Tablet  MS Surface Pro 2   it's 10"
  • 2 camera bodies Olympus OM-D EM-1
  • Infrared converted OM-D EM-5
  • 75-300mm
  • 45-175mm
  • 12-40 mm
  • 9-18mm
  • 60 mm Macro
  • 7.5mm fisheye
  • External Backup hard drive
  • Card reader
  • Extra SD flash cards
  • Tiffen  filter pouch
  • Flash
  • Flashlight
  • Extra batteries
  • Chargers and chords to go with it all
  • Remember these lens are 2x = full frame


As you can see this is a great looking bag from the get go. The finish is striking from the start. Domke just makes the classist classic style bag on the market. My bag is beautifully finished in the military rugged wear tuff look.  The wide straps make an easy fit to my shoulders. The large front buckle snaps and top zipper make the bag an easy access bag. Additionally they also make a full assortment of Next Generation Accessories for these bags link: Accessories  They truly have that special accessory that makes the bag perfect. The zippered area on either ends area wonderful. If you need that little extra room just unzip (zippers YKK®) and the compartments expand to give that needed extra room. The front snap pockets are great for my passport and cell phone. The long zippered front compartment can store any of my travel reminder papers and my 7" tablet from time to time. The wide web strap across the back works great to stack the bag on my roller bag handle. That will make travel a bit easier.

BTW: did I mention they also include the Domke Rugged Wear refinishing Wax packed with the bag!

After buying many bags over the last 30 years of photography this bag could be the best travel bag I've had my hands on. This bag is certainly a great bag to carry my mirrorless camera system around the world. These bags are the gold standard of camera bags and should last for many years of rugged travel. I'm sure looking forward to traveling to Thailand and Cambodia later this month. I'll give this bag the test of travel. Check back for the follow up review after I return from Southeast Asia. I think I will just use this bag for every day and travel from now on.