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How to use this site
All images on this website are copyrighted.
Any copying, usage and/or distribution is strictly prohibited.

The Eggers stock photography site is an easy to use database for our growing collection of images. You can browse by category or by keywords. We have embedded keywords into all the image collections to respond to more selected searches. The scope of your search results will be determined by your selection of keywords.

The Lightbox
The Lightbox is your collection of images. You may add up to 150 images to your lightbox. If you wish to purchase an image in your lightbox, you can email or call with the ID number(s) of the image you wish to purchase. When email please answer the questions below in your email, if calling please be prepared to answer the questions below. This will allow us to give you the most accurate and best pricing.
Your lightbox can also be sent to a friend or client by simply clicking on the “Send to a friend” link. When the info box is filled out your lightbox will be sent to your friend or client via email.

How to purchase usage rights of images on this site
The following is information we need in order to provide a price for usage of photography
  • Specific use: what media will the photo(s) be used? ie, book, magazine, brochure, website, etc...

  • What industry? publishing, advertising, paper products, etc...

  • Distribution area: local, regional, national, international

  • Size: image size in relationship to the final printed page, if printed, ie 1/4 page, 1/2 page, full page, or screen size for web use

  • Circulation: how many copies will be produced?

  • Duration: amount of time the image will be used, 1 month, 6 months, 1 year, 3 years, 5 years etc...

  • Start date/End date

Rights Granted
Once a price is determined the image will be delivered as stated below. The license is granted for a ONE TIME NON-EXCLUSIVE USE (unless other arrangements have been made in writing). One time non-exclusive rights means you can use the image for one type of publication or web domain only. If you use the image in other media other than that stated, additional usage fees will apply.
If exclusive use is needed, please contact our office at 206-243-3936.

Web Usage
When rights are granted for web purposes the image(s) can be used on one domain only (i.e.
They can be used on as many web pages within that domain as you desire.
They can be altered if necessary, but they can not be included in any composite that is resold.
The image files CANNOT be resold.

Image files can be delivered one of two ways. First, we can send via FTP a full size 300 ppi 8 bit tiff. You will need the ability to receive FTP files on your end. We can also send your full size image via CD/DVD.

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